Gaia Inc. Exits Stealth to Deliver World’s First Autonomous Data Agent

June 2, 2021


Kevin Smith, CMO
Gaia Inc.

Gaia Inc. Exits Stealth to Deliver World’s First Autonomous Data Agent

Will bring AI-powered data insights to C-suite executives

Palo Alto, CA: Gaia Inc. today announced it has exited stealth development and has launched  its revolutionary “autonomous data agent” analytics platform. Designed for C-suite executives to use for rapid insights on mobile devices, Gaia uses a combination of AI and natural language processing to make data analytics simple.

“Our experience working at various analytic platforms taught us that there is a huge gap in analytics today. While tools like dashboards and self-service analytics are great for analysts, they don’t serve CEOs and other executives well ,” says Jason Bissell, CEO at Gaia. “Gaia is designed to serve the executive who’s constantly moving between meetings and just doesn’t have the time to sit down and interpret a dashboard or learn a new system. It’s not analytics as we know them today, it’s what we call a ‘data agent’.”

Gaia’s data agent uses AI and machine learning to deliver insights to busy executives without the need for dashboards. Integrating with a customer’s existing analytic stack, Gaia’s cloud-based platform can be implemented and trained in days while the iOS and Android apps are designed to be intuitive and conversational.

In addition to CEO Jason Bissell, Gaia’s leadership team will include Dan de Grazia, chief operating officer, Kevin Smith, chief marketing officer, and Narayanan Sundaram, chief technology officer. Sudhakar Balakrishnan, one of the founders of Gaia, will serve as an advisor to the team.

“We’re incredibly excited to be unveiling Gaia after so much work,” says Bissell. “By removing the friction between data and the managers that need the insights the most, we believe that we can fulfill the promise that analytics has been making but failing to deliver for so many years.”

About Gaia Inc.   Gaia AI is the developer of the world’s first “autonomous data agent” platform, combining automated integration of data, automated machine learning, and conversational agents to make becoming data-driven easy. Based in Palo Alto, CA., Gaia works with any data and any analytic fabric to make getting insights from data as simple as asking a question.