Our mission is to reduce the friction between users and data through data agent technology.

The values behind Gaia

Reduce Friction

Reduce Friction

We think that analytics are too hard to use, requiring too much time, money, and training for the average person. Everything we do is about removing friction between decision-makers & data.

Be Human

Be Human

There are plenty of giant, faceless corporations out there — we don’t want to be one of them. We believe in staying close to our users so that we can understand their problems and help solve them.

Be open

Be Open

AI has the potential to make the “black box” problem that’s plagued data platforms even worse. We’re combatting lack of openness by committing to transparency, open-source, and ethical AI standards.

The Gaia story in numbers

APIs connected in Gaia’s brain


minutes to know when problems are occuring


Reduction in dashboards for decision making


Days of training

The team behind Gaia

Sudhakar Balakrishnan

Sudhakar’s passion for architecting and implementing strategic solutions that remove friction between humans and data has been the driving principle behind Gaia’s vision. His keen understanding of how data can be leveraged to solve real-world problems and what it takes to succeed as a data-driven enterprise are instrumental in ensuring Gaia’s success.


Sudhakar Balakrishnan

Jason Bissell

A former Senior Executive with Databricks, Jason brings more than two decades of successful hyper growth experience, having held leadership roles with technology leaders such as Talend, Birst, Qlik and SAP; where his team's contribution to growth supported multi-billion dollar valuations.


Jason Bissell

Dan De Grazia

Dan is responsible for operations, including field enablement, and partnerships. Most recently at IBM, and a veteran of several startups, Dan started in Big Data when it was “MBytes”.


Dan De Grazia

Kevin Smith, CMO

Kevin is responsible for leading marketing and user experience at Gaia. Prior to Gaia, he led product and marketing teams at Incorta, Birst, GoodData and ran the product marketing firm Big Message Foundry.


Kevin Smith

Naryanan Sundaram

Narayanan is a seasoned data engineering and analytics leader with over 20 years of experience in building and delivering large scale, cost effective, and high-performing SaaS platform Products for fortune 500 companies. His proven  record of leading engineering teams in delivering big data solutions makes him the perfect CTO for Gaia.


Narayanan Sundaram

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